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  • Helen Craven

Obesity, diets, weight loss, slimming!!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

These words seem to be constantly echoed on the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, especially at this time of year when it is traditional to think about resolutions that will improve our lives, our health and our happiness.

HOLD ON say I. Our focus on these issues should not be with how we look to others, or how we look to ourselves when we look in the mirror, or the food we are consuming, our focus should be that how we are on the outside is a reflection of how we are on the INSIDE.

Unwanted and excess weight is a resulting issue - not an issue in itself.

When we feel good about ourselves, when our lives are fulfilling and balanced, then we find good health and fitness that inevitably results in a healthier and fitter body.

Most of us know how we want to look and what foods we should be eating. This is clear to the thinking part of the mind, the conscious, intellectual part of us. So if we fail to achieve what we think we want, then we blame our lack of will power. Intellect and will power are parts of our conscious mind, but as wonderful as they are, they cannot compete with the overwhelming strength and purpose of the subconscious mind that drives us.

Our conscious minds are wonderful and essential, but they constitute a very small percentage of the overall mind. The subconscious is the main part of us, who we really are, and the controller of our actions. The subconscious is the driver that makes our hand reach for another biscuit, piece of chocolate, crisp, glass of wine, or whatever we’re drawn to. So if we want to change our habits, our ‘bad’ or unwanted behaviour patterns, then we need to make changes in our subconscious minds.

The good news is - that it’s easy, relaxing and painless! Learning and practicing techniques that clear old behaviour patterns isn’t rocket science, it just takes a little time and focus. Relaxation is the key. Relaxation takes us to Alpha state (what hypnotherapists call trance state) and in that nice comfortable state we can start to understand where we picked up the messages that inform our current eating patterns, the patterns the subconscious mind still thinks are right, even though we consciously know they are not. We can replace old unwanted information with new, positive thoughts and behaviour patterns, so you can make real choices about how you want to be - how you want to feel and look.

Hypnotherapy allows clients to really take control of their lives, so they can find health and fitness on the inside that will, without doubt, then show on the outside.

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