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Clouds in Sky

Cool Thoughts In A Cool Shade


The Drone Zone

It’s amazing how differently we see things if we imagine ourselves looking at them from a distance.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT).

n 1983 Benjamin Libet conducted experiments that proved a time-lapse occurred between the brain observing something and the subconscious min

Thoughts, words, feelings - and BREXIT

We have 60 - 100,000 thoughts per day and I believe that everything starts with a thought. With so many thoughts we can’t hold on to...

Whales and The Menopause

Whales of both genders live long lives, but unlike other mammals, when the female ceases her role as a mother, she doesn’t die, she becomes

Spring Cleaning

Exercise, yoga and meditation are all great ways to clear the mind and of course (sorry to bang the drum again) self-hypnosis.  It is so eas

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