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The Drone Zone

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Unusually for me I was watching the England v South Africa rugby match with a group of friends on a large flat-screen tv.  I’m not usually a follower of team sports, but I got into the spirit of the game as I was surrounded by enthusiastic fans.

I had to have some of the rules explained to me as the game progressed and I admit that some still mystified me as I tried to understand the positioning of the players and the play of the ball.  The camera viewpoint was either from the side at ground level or slightly raised, from the cameras positioned on the grandstand.  Suddenly the camera angle changed completely and we were given a birds-eye view.  This I think must have been from a drone.

As the camera swooped up and over the pitch, I saw for the first time the complete layout of the pitch, the lines on the pitch and the players.  It all became so much clearer as to what everyone was referring to in their explanations.  What a clarifying revelation.  What a great invention those drone cameras are!

I started to enjoy the game much more, but I couldn’t stop my mind jumping back to the many times I’ve advised my clients to stand back from a situation and imagine they are rising above everything on a wonderfully safe and supporting magic cloud and look down from a high vantage point on their life and their current situation.

It’s amazing how differently we see things if we imagine ourselves looking at them from a distance.  How we act and react to deal with something we come face to face with might totally change if we take another viewpoint - standing away and taking ourselves to a point where we see everything in a clear perspective.  

Clarity of vision leads to clarity of thought and the resulting understanding to deal with a situation in the best way possible.  I might rethink the fluffiness of the cloud and replace it with a drone, which is more solid and totally controllable with a light movement from the computer joystick.

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