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IT’s all about Alpha - Self-Hypnosis as a wonderful state

We’re all clued up when it comes to self-help. We know the benefits of slow, deep breathing, the benefits of yoga and yoga Nidra, the benefits of meditation and the benefits of healthy exercise. But what have they all got in common that helps us to take control of our lives - mind and body?

Well - they all take us into Alpha state. This is a state we go in and out of every day. This - and the slightly deeper Theta state - is produced when our brain wave speed - cycles per second - slows from the normal conscious rate, known as Beta. Beta is perfect for carrying out our regular day-to day business, but Alpha state takes us into a more relaxed, focussed state that opens us up to suggestion, perception and creativity.

Alpha and Theta state is also known as hypnosis trance state.

When we deliberately take ourselves into Alpha or Theta, we can redirect our focus - if we so choose - and re-programme our minds to take us where we want to go.

This is a simple explanation of self-hypnosis.

If we want to make changes in our lives or changes to how we think, react and feel, then self-hypnosis can be a very simple and powerful tool. It may take a little persistence, no-one gets fit from exercising once a month, but it inevitably allows us to take control of who we are and how we want to be.

Alpha state is where we go when we either relax or direct our focus to one place. It’s invariably a pleasant state to experience and even just by staying in this state for a few moments every day, we experience mental and physical benefits. There are many proven benefits from Mindfulness - which is just such a process, slowing the brain waves and focussing.

Self-hypnosis can be used for just going deeper into Theta state and enjoying and exploring our deep inner selves, or we can instruct our sub-conscious minds to work for our best and highest good. For instance, if I have a fear of public speaking, I can imagine myself as calm, relaxed and confident, then see myself addressing a roomful of people, prepared, calm and confident. Repetition of this imagining can reassure and convince my subconscious, so that when I do stand in front of a group of people my subconscious remembers to make me calm and confident.

There is no limit to the possible uses of self-hypnosis. We can exercise our free-will and creativity to improve how we feel, how we look and the direction of our lives.

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