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Past Life Regression - Fact, or Fantasy?

I work with the belief that the process may be a real and true past life, or it may be a wonderfully creative metaphor formed by the subconscious mind. Either way, it will be coming into your consciousness as a means for helping you with a key issue in the life you are living now.  Fact or fiction, the relevance lies in the fact that it can heal and change your life for the better, often in quite subtle, but very powerful ways.


It is a process used as a tool to help clients answer questions and solve problems that they are tackling in this life.


We all instinctively know the answers to our questions and problems - but can’t always hear them because clearing the chatter and clutter in our conscious minds is a difficult task.  Hypnosis is a calm and gentle way of quieting the chatter and accessing the deeper parts of our subconscious minds.


Taking a Past Life journey reveals many things on many levels and the process gives the opportunity to reconcile and heal the issues that emerge.  Those issues that need addressing in this life.  Sometimes the parallels are obvious, sometimes they take time to digest, but always there will be subtle shifts in our awareness that allow us to take a step forward.


Fee: £180 (2 hours).

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