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  • Helen Craven

Thoughts, words, feelings - and BREXIT

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

We have 60 - 100,000 thoughts per day and I believe that everything starts with a thought. With so many thoughts we can’t hold on to them all or consciously process more than a fraction of them, but they can still have an impact on our feelings.

If we accept the belief that everything starts with a thought, then we can accept that our feelings and moods are governed by our thoughts. Words are our way of interpreting thoughts and the words we use have a strong influence on our feelings. Try closing your eyes and saying negative words to yourself, maybe - pain, conflict, aggression, trauma, uncertainty, betrayal - the list could go on. I guarantee your body will be responding. Some people may feel really upset, for others they may just feel a tingle of something they can‘t quite put their finger on, but know they would feel better without it. This is our instant physical response to those words; adrenaline being released into our system.

The word Brexit is constantly in our ears. Lord knows we’re probably all sick of hearing it, but it will be having a physical effect on our bodies and therefore our moods, because it is now associated with uncertainty, doubt and worry. It started out stirring up conflict. For some people it might represent lies and betrayal, for others anger and despair. We can hope there will be a positive outcome, but at present it is all so uncertain.

So if thoughts become words and words become feelings, moods and consequently our way of being, then it’s no surprise that in these uncertain times we feel a bit low and despondent. We may not even realise what is causing it, but I can guarantee it’s starting point is thought.

Now we know this, try another little experiment - close your eyes and say some positive words to yourself, maybe - love, joy, sunshine, peace, harmony, tranquillity, smoothness, ease, compassion, soothing - and combine the words with images of a place where you feel happy and safe. I guarantee this will feel very different from the time you said, or thought, the negative words.

So my antidote to Brexit is to create thoughts of peace, harmony, stability, care and compassion and let those thoughts bring my body and my mood back into a strong and happy state, even when the state of the nation is somewhere else! Now, here’s a thing, if we were all thinking positive thought, including the politicians, would that impact the Brexit agreements?

Over to you - thinkers, seers and creators.

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